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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guitar Lessons

I've had 5 guitar lessons with Bob. Bob makes it fun to play the guitar. I see him every Friday at 4:00 p.m. I am amazed what I have learned so far.
My first lesson was February 6, 2009. I learned 3 chords: A7, D, and G.

My second lesson was to make the 3 chords sound clearer. I learned the C chord, which is the hardest for me to remember.

My third & fourth lesson were together. I learned 3 riffs from: "Ska8r Boi", "Iron Man", and "Hey There Delilah".

My fifth lesson was to learn a riff from "Sunshine Of Your Love." This was a super famous song, so famous it's on Guitar Hero! It's a lot harder on a real guitar. Bob said I need to make my songs connect together.

I have fun playing the guitar. I hope you enjoyed what I've learned so far. I hope to be the best guitarist who ever lived. You can see my progress on my YouTube page.
Here is a video of me practicing what I've learned so far!


Nick Andrew said...

Hi! Alex.
This is very impressive. I went through your video and I loved it.

Nick Andrew