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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maple Story

Maple Story is an online computer game that I play. I play it almost every day. It's like the game runescape.com, but I think it's better. Maplestory has jobs like magician, warrior, pirate, archer, and thief. You can only pick one of these jobs. I picked magician. For magician there is Fire/Poison wizard, Ice/lighting wizard, and Celeira wizard. I picked fire/poison wizard. You start at level 1 like any other game. The highest level you can get is 200. 177 is the highest level I have seen. First you go on the website called Nexon.net and download Maple Story. The time depends on how fast your computer or laptop is. After the download is complete, you will click the i-con "start game". Your screen will go black and it will pop up.