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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Being a Survivor

If I lived in the wilderness, I would live in a house built of wood next to a river in a forest. I would get the wood by chopping down branches from using hand made tools. It would be warm in the morning, hot mid-day, & cold at night. I would use deer skin to stay warm at the night. I would see snakes & lizards basking in the sun, deer in the opening, squirrels in the trees, birds flying in the blue sky & much more. I would eat nuts, & edible plants. I would catch fish with a spear I made. I would eat lettuce, corn, potatoes, & red bell peppers. My house would be 5 feet off the ground, because of poisonous animals & anything else that might be harmful. The dangers would be poisonous snake & spiders. I would look out for spiders & snakes. If i got bit by a snake or spider I would clean out my wound.