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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The World of Maplestory

Do you play the same old boring online games? Do you make several different accounts just to create the right character? In this game, Maplestory, it allows you to make as many different characters as you want in one account! The download for the game is only $free.99, which means its free. In this world you can play on six different worlds, you can pick from three different character classes and you can go on party quest with your friends. So join me now as I introduce you to the world of maplestory

To download the game go to nexon.net and download Maplestory. It's a free sign up and it could take between 30 minutes to 3 hours. In the world of Maplestory there are six different worlds which you can pick from. My favorite world is Meridia, because my friends plays there. There are three different classes of jobs. They are called Explorer, Cygnus Knights, and Arans. The first category of jobs are Explorers. Examples of this are Magicians, Warriors, and Pirates. They are the original people you would pick. The second category is Cygnus Knights, for example Blaze Mage, Dawn Warrior, and Thunder Breakers. They are a little better than explorers. The Third category is Aran and there is only one type of character in this area and hes a special warrior.

In Maplestory you can use real money called nexon cash and the games money is called mesos. Nexon cash is used for anything in the Cash shop. For example, Nexon money can buy you pets, better weapons, and haircuts. Mesos are use to buy everything else in the game, like buying potion to heal yourself, buying from other people, and items in the game. Recently they upgrade the security so that anything new comes out people can't hack.

In this game there are party quests which are called pq for short. A party quest is where more than two people are in a quest to get extra exp. points. A quest might have challenges in it like destroying certain monsters. Another example might include picking up items that a monsters drop and handling to the party leader. Then the leader would tell them how to get to the next step. Then there are regular quests. There are two main parts of this. One part is a job quest which only include the user. The other type is called regular quests which may include other people helping out. Going on quests gets treasure, money, and exp. Going on a job quests at a certain a level could give you the next level of your job.

Maplestory has a friend's list and a guild list. A friend list has maximum of 100 people. It takes six or more people to make a guild. If your the master of the guild you need to pay 1.5 million mesos to make you guild. To make a picture on your guild it would coast 6 million mesos. Then you can expand your guild for 5 million mesos for every ten slots for new members.