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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guitar Practice- Lesson 1

Last Friday, I started taking guitar lessons again. This time I have a new instructor named Bob. My last instructor stopped teaching because he became ill. I received an electric guitar for Christmas a couple of years ago. I just got a music stand, tuner, guitar book, and a foot stand. The book I am learning from is called " Guitar Method 1". Bob said that this book would help me play all different styles and that I would learn faster if I studied chords first. Some advice that Bob gave me was to tune my guitar every day since I had not had it tuned in a long time and it kept wanting to go out of tune. He said I wouldn't need new strings. He told me to play whenever I wanted and that he wanted it to be fun. I meet up with Bob once every week. It would be so much fun to learn how to play "Meant To Live" By Switchfoot. I would want to play that song all day.