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Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Day

On Sunday, I went to see "Phantom Of The Opera"and tried Vegan Ethiopian food with my family. I was with Dad, Mom, and Mehgan. It was also the day of the super bowl. My dad realized it after he bought the tickets.

When we arrived at the restuarant we were seated at a small basket like table with a platter in the middle. The waitress poured warm water to wash our hands over a bowl.The food was weird to me, because a huge buckwheat pancake covered the entire platter. The bread was used as a plate and to eat off. We broke off pieces of the pancake with our hands and used it to scoop up the veggies and lentils rather than using any utensils. I drank fresh orange juice, while Mehgan had mango juice. It was almost like a smoothie. We ordered a zucchini and chickpea dish. We had baklava for dessert.

Next we were off to the Pantages Theater to see a play called "Phantom Of The Opera". This has been my favorite play so far. The movie and the play were really different. . Mehgan didn't like "Phantom Of The Opera" because she thoguht it was scary. It was shorter than I thought it would be, but I had fun.